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Laser Materials

It's amazing what can be marked by lasers. Here at Lasermark Engraving we have been asked to laser mark/engrave everything from the usual metals & plastics to fruit (watermelon & citrus specifically). We have the lasers necessary to mark & cut a large variety of materials.

A hand removing a completed laser job from one of our laser machines

Leather, Fabric and Paper

Where paper & fabric are concerned laser cutting is only limited by your imagination. For example Lasermark Engraving cut hundreds of flower petals out of wedding dress fabric for a clients special day. The designer was delighted as not only was every petal identical but all the edges were sealed with no fraying. Another client had Lasermark cut unique paper cupcake holders from coloured paper for their engagement.

Laser cut paper template that is yet to be rolled into a cupcake holder
felt  laser marked the the Nike logo
cupcake holder made from laser cut paper