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Laser Engraving and Cutting - Industrial

Large Installations to Small Jobs.

Our reputation for fast turnaround and attention to detail means that jobs are delivered quickly and to specification. We work with many of Australia’s largest Engineering firms with large scale installations in the Surat Basin, Rail Works, Mining & Defense as well as small innovative companies that have small but exacting engraving requirements..


The current alternative to the more toxic Traffolyte is layered plastic and is being extensively used in switchboards panels, cable labels and ID plates. With similar properties to Traffolyte the plastic can be laser cut to any shape, laser engraved and supplied in a myriad of colours. Stainless steel cable labels can be laser engraved with individual serial numbers or text..

Anodised aluminium ID plates can be laser cut and laser engraved with company logos and compliance information. Double sided tape with a temperature Range (°C) -20 to 180 can be added to all tags, cable labels, ID plates & switchboard panels.

traffolyte tags used in the electrical industry
Stainless steel laser engraved nameplate used in the electrical industry
name tag laser engraved for used in the electrical industry