Laser Materials

It's amazing what can be marked by lasers. Here at Lasermark Engraving we have been asked to laser mark/engrave everything from the usual metals & plastics to fruit (watermelon & citrus specifically). We have the lasers necessary to mark & cut a large variety of materials.

A hand removing a completed laser job from one of our laser machines

Traffolyte and Plastics

Layered acrylic based plastics are the modern replacement for the more toxic Traffolyte plastic for use in electrical & signage installations. With similar properties including the ability to withstand high heat laser engraved products made of layered plastics come in an array of colour combinations and used in many applications because they can be laser cut into almost any shape and then laser engraved with the finest of detail.

Acrylic signage can be laser cut producing polished edging. Acrylic letters and logos can be engraved and back filled with different colour enamel paints or overlayed with coloured vinyl wrap.

Blue traffolyte tag that has been laser engrave to let the white layer show though
red and white traffolyte laser engraved label
white board which has been laser marked
grey and white laser engraved traffolyte name tag
Green and white laser engraved traffolyte tag
black and white laser engraved traffolyte label
Yellow and black laser engraved traffolyte
White board that has been laser marked with the image of Australia